A great weekend with Rex

August 23, 2011

Over the weekend of the 20th & 21st August we were joined by Rex Boat Club from Chester. Usually a river rowing club, they fancied giving sea rowing in Bull Bay a go, so we took them for a tour of our coastline on Saturday, and had some short races on Sunday. Oh, and not forgetting a great social in the Trecastell Hotel on Saturday evening - food was fantastic and the company even better!!


Anglesey Harbour Porpoise Population

August 15, 2011
The following is from a BBC report into whale, dolphin and porpoise populations off the coast of Wales.

A bottle nose dolphin

A total of 158 dolphins and whales were spotted off the coast of Wales in an annual survey, says a marine charity.

Six different species were seen during the weekend exercise by Sea Watch volunteers.

The largest was a group of 44 bottlenose dolphins spotted near Anglesey, while others included minke whale and harbour porpoise.

Remaining data from boat operators may increase the final total.

The survey was the 10th annual National Whale and Dolphin Watch (NWDW) and took place 5-7 August.

In Wales, other sightings included:

  • A pod of 30 common dolphin, 30 miles west of Caernarfon, Gwynedd
  • Bottlenose dolphin and harbour porpoise around Cardigan island, Mwnt, Ynys Lochtyn, Bird's Rock in New Quay and New Quay harbour
  • Groups of harbour porpoise from Point Lynas and others in Bull Bay

    BBC News Report

Rowing in Bull Bay we often see porpoiose along the coast, and so we could help the Sea Watch group by reporting these sitings, so please keep an eye out at the club for more info, some forms, and of course the Porpoise!


August - A bit of a break from racing

August 13, 2011

August offers a bit of a break in the schedule of rowing on Anglesey, with the last two races in Aberaeron and Aberystwyth on the 23rd & 24th July, there's a much needed break of just over a month until the next race in Caernarfon.

Aberaeron and Aberystwyth were two difficult race days, not least due to the prospect of some members racing four times over the two days. The club finished well in all the races, coming away from the weekend with a very good points haul for the end of season trophies. There was renewed competition for the men in their race from Aberdyfi, along with new competitors from the Southern league clubs for all the other race classes. We also saw our first Junior entry this season, with the guys just getting beaten in a very good race - with a few less injuries, and a little more coaching they are sure to turn that result around in the next joint league race at Aberdyfi in September.

And so to our quieter August; not just a chance to have a bit of a break, but most importantly to build on strength and fitness as well as getting plenty of time in the boat. The club enjoyed a good day at a friendly race held In Porthmadog and organised by Porthmadog Rowing Club. The race celebrated the building of the cob in the town, and involved mixed crews racing from a beach start out with their 'pilot' to a waiting yacht. We had two boats, and managed to get 1st and 2nd. Many thanks to Porthmadog for a great day.

Looking ahead, we will soon be hosting Rex Boat Club, a Chester based river rowing club who fancy giving sea rowing a try. A club (or clubs) social along with some friendly racing on Sunday should make for a great weekend for both clubs.

Sooner than we know it Caernarfon will be upon us, marking the start of a hectic few weeks with Aberdyfi and the 21 mile Great River Race in London on the following two weekends - makes me exhausted just thinking about it!

More on those events when they're a little closer.

If you've never tried rowing, and like the sound of these events then please do get in touch and come and have a go some day. If you're a current member, then have a great few weeks of training and lets get the results in the last few races!

Happy rowing!



Castle to Castle Race 17th July

July 18, 2011

Another successful weekend for Trireme Ynys Mon as the club competes in the most challenging conditions for rowing in North Wales, and comes out on top once again. Strong head winds and fierce swells greeted the crews as they set off from Gallows Point, Beaumaris to compete in the 12 mile race up the Menai Straits to Caernarfon. Congratulations to all the crews who competed in what was very challenging day, but especially to the Trireme Ynys Mon Crews!

Overall & Mixed Class Winners - Ynys Mon - Kelly Potter, Llew Roose, Dewi Strawson and Delyth Wyn-Griffiths
Mens Class Winners - Ynys Mon - Dave Williams, Mike Strawson, Al Ball and Maurice Strawson
Ladies Vets Winners - Ynys Mon - Delyth Hughes, Helen Peters, Gill Roose, Jackie Southworth and cox Matt Jackson.

Fantastic effort by the Ladies Vets who haven't been rowing together for more than a few weeks! Keep it up.


A Brilliant Weekend

July 7, 2011
Local Anglesey rowing club make it a clean sweep on home waters

Ynys Mon Put on a Masterclass in Winning Races

July 3, 2011
Ynys Mon Put on a Masterclass in Winning Races
The photograph shows the Trireme Ynys Mon Mens A Crew having passed over the finish line - completly empty! A fantastic performance having been pushed all the way by Aberdyfi. Similar results were repeated by the whole club, with a complete white-wash of all event, winning Ladies and Mixed races as well.

Well done to all who raced!

Llaneilian - the venue for this years Ynys Mon league race on the 3rd July

June 13, 2011

Sport Wales Activity of the Week - You Guessed it, Sea Rowing!

June 12, 2011

Sport Wales/Chwaraeon Cymru


Sea Rowing

Sea or coastal and offshore rowing is a sport that is thriving in Europe and growing in popularity across the UK.

Due to the harsher conditions encountered, the boats are wider and more robust than those used on rivers and lakes.


In Wales, the Welsh Sea Rowing Association (WSRA) is responsible for coastal rowing competitions, including the WSRA League, which has two racing categories: Celtic Longboats and Yoles. The races include Junior, Senior, Veterans (40+) and Super Veteran (50+) for mens, ladies and mixed crews.

But there are also many recreational sessions available.

The Celtic Longboat accommodates four sweep oared rowers and a cox while a Yole is a smaller but more versatile boat that accommodates one or two rowers.

Rowing is an activity that requires rigorous movements of almost all important body parts, from shoulders to toes.

Rowing helps to reduce the excessive fats from the upper body regions like arms and back muscles, as well as the lower body parts like thighs and buttocks. Movement of the body helps burn the calories and is a good cardiovascular workout.

Rowing regularly will add strength to muscles in the forearms and shoulders.

Calorie count:

Someone weighing around 180lbs could burn off well over 300 calories in a moderate 30 minute session.

Where can I go?

There are rowing and sailing clubs across Wales that offer recreational and competitive sea rowing for various abilities and ages. During the summer months there are often taster sessions and open days.

The WSRA is the national governing body for coastal and ocean rowing in Wales, and is affiliated to Welsh Rowing, which is the National Governing Body for rowing in Wales. For more information visit www.welshsearowing.org.uk.

Join your local Welsh Sea Rowing club

Want to get fit and have fun, why not join your local Welsh Sea Rowing Club. The WSRA have club's based all over Wales, so find your local club and go and join it for fitness, fun and friendship.

Reproduced by TYMRC from the WSRA Website


Ynys Mon at the World Rowing Coastal Championships

December 15, 2010
Ynys Mon at the World Rowing Coastal Championships
In October a number of the clubs members competed at the FISA World Rowing Coastal Championships in Istanbul. Ynys Mon entered four boats this year and raced three, performing well against top flight opposition. Year upon year the competition gets tougher and tougher, and there's no doubt after this years event that good training and peak fitness is the key to a strong performance at next years event. Hopefully next year we'll be able to field an even bigger squad from the club, and make an even bigger impression at an international level.

Well done to everyone who went!


M2x Llew Roose and Steve Jarrett
M2x Dewi Strawson and Aaron Middleton
M2x Mike Strawson and Chris Parry
W1x Kelly Potter

Rules of Racing at League Events

December 15, 2010
Please can all racing members be familiar with the WSRA Rules of Racing with can be found HERE

It's especially important for coxes to be familiar with the rules. Getting disqualified for breaking the rules, particularly those surrounding buoy turns, is very disappointing - especially i you would otherwise have won! So lets keep up to date with them.




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